Game Design

DC Universe Online

Mission planning, Worldbuilding & Scripting

Some of my favorite work on DCUO was designing the environments and gameplay for many single-player and cooperative dungeons, including the Poison ivy and Mr Freeze dungeons. I designed open-world MMO missions and gameplay scenarios, such as the Metropolis General Hospital missions. One of my largest worldbuilding endeavors was designing the Hall of Doom villain player city. LexCorp Tower in Metropolis is an example of one of the many "point of interest" buildings that I've designed.

  • Hall of Doom

    Hall of Doom

    DCUO's villain player city serves as a travel hub and offers end-game services.

  • Poison Ivy's Lair

    Poison Ivy

    Poison Ivy stages her Gotham take-over from the sewers beneath the Giordano Gardens.

  • Mr. Freeze's chamber

    Mr. Freeze

    Mr. Freeze created an ice chamber for his wife, Nora, inside Gotham's hospital.

  • Metropolis General

    Metro General Hospital

    LexCorp's metahuman patients escape and wreak havoc at Metropolis's hospital.

  • LexCorp Tower

    LexCorp Tower

    Lex Luthor's monument to himself, and an enormous symbol of LexCorp's power.



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