Emerging and underserved markets are showing their value in the ever-growing video game industry. Through my work in video game design, I push the limits of what interactive digital media does and who it is done for.

Quality must come first

In the face of complexity, many AAA game developers are sacrificing innovation and with it, their appeal to both emerging and existing markets. My studies at the University of Texas taught me to overcome design challenges by creating the right process to develop a quality product.

Seeding innovation

My path to "finding the fun" is centered around getting the game playable ASAP to allow for immediate user feedback. I start with a strong creative vision, then plan priorities with an eye for efficiency. Reinventing the wheel is not innovation, so I research and reuse when it makes sense to do so.

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Currently working on:

DC Universe Online

The first action MMO released on PC and PS3, with an exceptionally fun combat system. The level design has been reviewed as some of the best of any online game.

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Last Project:

Blacksite: Area 51

A highly political cross-platform FPS about a risky US military weapons conspiracy that brought home an alien threat from Afghanistan. The game culminates in a battle against an alien nemesis that the military sought to cover up at Nevada's Area 51.

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